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Google for business My - the tool the popular most for business

google my business - a service that allows businesses to produce a digital business card online, which will be displayed on Google's search results pages for relevant searches. A business page on Google shows pictures of the business, a logo, details about the business, the option to browse the website, if there is one, find your business on the map, navigate to the business, if there is an address - not mandatory, and contact you immediately - which is amazing for any business.
Fill in the details and we will open a Google business card for you today.

Who needs Google Business for business?
Any business owner who wants to appear on the map in Google results - law firm, accountant, financial consulting. Restaurant, bar, shop, event garden or studio. Garage, carpentry and in fact - everyone. Google's tool is free.

Customer case story

The task: opening and arranging Google Business pages for the 'Hinawi George Beverages' company - a chain of 10 branches that has undergone a digital revolution.
From here to there... all the branches of the network are listed in the Google search results with all the necessary details:

+ link each branch to a page on the website
+ Business addresses for navigation

+ customer reviews
+ Business contact options
+ Maintaining contact with customers

The result: a hundred percent increase in visits to the profile page, making contact and reaching the branches. Soon for you too .


Google my business

As you use this tool every day,

So are people looking for your business.

Advantages of a Google business page

Google my business is the most popular tool for finding businesses and making quick contact. A Google Business Page account allows you to display pictures of the business, a logo, details about the business, the ability to browse the website, find you on the map and navigate to the business and contact you immediately - which is amazing.

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